UTR - U-Tube Recovery Cogeneration Series

For Small Engine Compact Design and High Liquid Flow

Cain Industries UTR - U-Tube Recovery Cogeneration Series

The UTR is applied where both rectangular configuration and heat transfer surface vs. performance is critical. The UTR can be located within the engine to meet crucial space limitations. There are 44 standard models available for selection to fit the most compact of spaces. With flexible exhaust gas connection sizes and locations, the UTR can adapt easily to an OEM packager's design needs. The capability of removing the core assembly without disturbing the exhaust gas connections makes cleaning and inspecting the finned tubing efficient. This is especially important when the combustion is a fuel oil type and could foul the heating surfaces.

The rugged heat transfer core is made from SA178 boiler tubing and .25" thickness high grade carbon steel heater assemblies. The heat transfer materials can also be constructed of all stainless steel when exhaust temperatures entering exceeds 1,250°F or when liquid temperatures entering are below 120°F.

Engine Exhaust Application
Capacity: 15kW to 300kW
Entering gas temps: 400°F to 1,600°F
Heat Sink Types: engine jacket water, ethylene glycol, process water or boiler water

  • Finned tube core assembly (spaced for accessible cleaning)
    – Tube materials: carbon steel, TP316 stainless
    – Fin materials: carbon steel, TP304 stainless
    – Method of attachment: nickel brazed
  • Removable core makes cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Factory insulation: 1", 2" or 4" thickness (optional)
  • Carbon steel .25" thickness shell
  • Exhaust connections: flange, butt or NPT
  • Stainless steel interior
  • 1" NPT condensate cleanout drain (optional)
Optional Equipment
  • Exterior exhaust gas bypass and modulating actuator assemblies