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Fume Incineration Systems

Selecting the appropriate waste heat boiler system for fume incineration or cogeneration retrofit involves considerable engineering time and money. Important areas of concern have been controlling and bypassing waste heat, optimum performance selection, operating pressures, size, weight, and installation.

As an example, the Cain Industries ESG model is specifically designed to address these concerns and more, as a standard design feature not found with conventional waste heat boilers. The timely needs of the project engineer and customer can all be achieved accurately and completely.

Exhaust Steam Generator (ESG)

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As a fully automatic steam generator, the ESG responds immediately to fluctuating exhaust flows in conjunction with steam load demand swings. This allows the ESG to easily function as a supplemental or primary stream output
station. For the very large waste exhaust systems, multiple generator arrangements can adapt effectively without complex central controls.


The ESG is a compact design including three basic sections: the fintube heating surface, steam flash drum assembly, and a modulating full port exhaust bypass, prepiped and wired for ease of installation and minimal customer connections. An integral circulating pump continually circulates water to the heat transfer section recovering BTU’s from the exhaust, and back to the steam drum assembly, where superheated water flashes to steam.

Minimal Customer Connections

  • 4” 250 lb. RF Flange Steam Outlet
  • 1/4” x 2” x 2” Exhaust Flange Inlet & Outlet
  • Main Power & Boiler Feed Connection
  • 1-1/2” NPT Main Blowdown
  • 1-1/4” NPT Feedwater Inlet
  • 1/2” NPT Control Air
  • 1/2” NPT Cooling Water Inlet & Outlet


Product Application

Combustion Sources: Incinerators, thermal oxidizers, catalytic convertors

Exhaust Steam Generator (ESG)

Combustion Capacity: 1,000 - 50,000 scfm
Entering Gas Temps.: 600 - 1,600°F
Heat Sink Types: Supplemental steam demand and/or primary steam source for
steam heating or process steam

Heat Recovery Silencer - Radial (HRSR)

Combustion Capacity: 500 - 20,000 scfm
Entering Gas Temps.: 450 - 1,250°F
Heat Sink Types: Engine jacket water, process water, boiler water, ethylene glycol

Incinerator Tube Recovery System (ITR)

Combustion Capacity: All load conditions
Entering Gas Temps.: 1,250 - 2,000°F
Heat Sink Types: Process water, boiler feedwater, hot water return, potable
water, hot oil

U-Tube Recovery System (UTR1)

Combustion Capacity: 200 - 50,000 scfm
Entering Gas Temps.: 450 - 1,600°F
Heat Sink Types: Process water, boiler feedwater, ethylene glycol, thermal
transfer fluids

Cain Industries is ASME and National Board Certified